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Where to download Korean Dramas in Nigeria

If it’s not “This content cannot be viewed in your country”, it’s “Sorry, this is not available”. If it’s not “Network failure, reload”, then it’s “This file is too large, please create space”. Life can be difficult for a Nigeria or Africa based K-drama watcher. We do not have a seamless experience compared to our counterparts in many parts of the world. This, however, does not discourage us.

Sometimes, you find a great website that seems like the holy grail for K-drama streaming and downloads. Then three months down the road, some unknown forces either delete the website or make you have to register and pay subscription to engage their content. We mean, yes, get your coins but why didn’t you care about that before? Now we’re back to desperately searching for new websites.

Anyway, we did the desperate search so you no longer have to. Your besties at AfricanSasaeng HQ are happy to plug you unto some websites where you can download K-dramas for free. We know you’re going to save this post and share with your friends, especially the newbies, because this is just what you’ve all been looking for!

We highly recommend the use of AdBlock and a good antivirus software when using these sites.

These are some websites where you can download K-dramas in Nigeria:


  2. Netflix





  7. Facebook



  10. Telegram (dramahub)

When we find more websites, you can trust us to let you know.

Comment below where you download your K-dramas besties. Let’s add to the list.

Go forth and prosper!


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